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Healthspan pathways

This page accompanies a review on health-associated genes and their interaction. Network analyses are performed with GeneMANIA and matched against health-related transcriptomes in the Gene Expression Omnibus repository with Cytoscape. These sections offer a representative graph for immediate inspection with CytoscapeJS and the Cytoscape annotated network file for download. Download the Cytoscape file wt_vs_racr_5.cys for a detailed inspection of these attributes, P values and gene annotation. Please activate JavaScript to interact with this web page. Tested on MacOS X, Linux and Windows with Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Human genetic association and caloric restriction

This network presents the effect of calory restriction on the transcriptome, mapped to genes found associated with Healthspan in genetic studies. The nodes' background colour indicates the fold change - yellow for up-regulation, blue for down-regulation. The width is proportional to the adjusted log P value.

C. elegans

Genetic association

Gene expression data

Human - C. elegans pathway overlap

This graph presents genes of the human and ortholog genes (reciprocal most sequence similar) of the worm that are found associated with healthspan in both species. Solid gray lines represent gene interactions. Dashed green lines are mutually-most-similar orthologs.

Exported graphs shown as images

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